Do you want to fulfill the dream of weightlifting that remained unfulfilled last year? Then before you start weightlifting, you must have known how about the essentials of weightlifting that includes weightlifting Singlets, weightlifting shoes, and weightlifting trousers. Weightlifting singlet is separate for men and women of course according to their physique.

If you are already a weightlifter athlete and knows about all these essentials for weightlifting; here we will tell you about the best weightlifting Singlets to buy in 2018.

What is Weightlifting?
For those who want to know about weightlifting, let us revise what the weightlifting is? Weightlifting is an athletic activity which involves physical involvement to strengthen and the uprising of muscles.
What is weightlifting singlet?
weightlifting singlet

Weightlifting Singlet is a special costume that the weightlifters wear for weightlifting. It is mandatory to wear. Otherwise, they are not allowed to take part in the competition of weightlifting.

This Weightlifting Singlet is a three-quarter body covering cloth that is from shoulders to knees. The purpose of this three quarter sleeveless dress is to show one’s body muscles.

Ws are well aware of the significant progress and changes in the field of sports only a few decades back. Every sport has different needs, and for fulfilling those needs, we wear different shoes, clothes and safety equipment in some cases.

Best Weightlifting Singlets of 2018

Weightlifting costumes are made carefully to match the needs of users. These are made with pure fiber and Spandex. It comprises of 80% ratio of fine fabric. The purpose of using a large amount of fiber is to prevent athletes from friction that may cause due to sweating.

 Before buying a product related to athletes, It’s paramount to know about every minor detail of the product whether its costume or shoes, gloves or any other product. Because having knowledge of the product i.e. pros and cons, fitness, stitching, and manufacturing material give you an outlook whether it fits on your body or not. 

After all, the unfit costume is very uncomfortable at the body. Sometimes in the form of scars or severe injury. In the case of Weightlifting, proper weightlifting singlet is very important because otherwise, it will cause the abnormal building of muscles or an injury of muscles.

As we have already discussed, weightlifting Singlet is an essential part of weightlifting. Without it, athletes are not allowed to take part in weightlifting. It must be very soft and comfortable. Let’s take a look on the best Singlets of weightlifting of 2018 along with their pros and cons. Link of ( a platform from where you can online order your favorite Singlet) is also given below of each product so that in case you like any singlet, can order with ease.

Weightlifting is a very tough sport, and that is why we need to be very clever on choosing a Weightlifting singlet. Powerlifting outfit must be such a comfortable that it makes player athlete during the powerlifting. The costume of powerlifter carries the weight of his body, so it has to be in such a way that lets him breathe and move easily. You can check out some wrestling singlets as well.

For your ease, we have put here the BEST 10 weightlifting singlets of men and women essential for weightlifting. Along with description, pros and cons, price, the size of powerlifting costumes are given and the most important of all, these are arranged it all in a table,  according to the top rated reviews that which are in the link of each product.
Weightlifting Singlets for Mens


men's weightlifting singlet

ASICS is one of the best brands for a weightlifting singlets. It is the top favorite of young players because it beautifies the body of youngsters in such a way that enable them to show their build body in a more attractive way.

ASICS is an experienced company and still fresh and demanding. Now, there is new arrival stock of men’ solid modified singlet stock is going to finish soon so take your turn and attain the chance.


ASIC is the source of attraction of people due to its cheap prices too. The price of this powerlifting singlet can be checked on amazon.

  • It is made up of 80% ratio of Nylon and 20% of Lycra.
  • It is prepared by US-based company SKU: JT200.
  • It is grasping holder from the knee.
  • It is specially designed for powerlifting.
  • It gives relaxation in movement
  • It has standard style-cut.
  • It offers free shipping.
  • People greatly like it as it is present in all sizes.

This Weightlifting Singlet is common and players are using it for long. It launched in 2011 for the first timeby ASICS . This weightlifting singlet is loved by players, and the only cons of this costume are:

  • It is complained by customers a few times in past that this powerlifting suit doesn’t fit sometimes.
  • People like costumes which has a pattern on it but unfortunately, these singlets have no pattern on them. These come in plain designs.


weightlifting singlet mens

Adidas is an old name in the field of manufacturing sports suits. Its name is enough before buying a singlet. It offers weightlifting costumes that come in a unique style which distinguishes from other companies. Customers greatly like the brand Adidas, and this powerlifting singlet by Adidas is no exception. This singlet has neat stitching that is a flat lock. Flat lock stitching prevents the player from irritation and gives comfort which enhances the morale level of athlete. It is easily stretchable that the costume makes its shape according to the shape of the body.

Another important characteristic of this costume is that due to its flexible nature, it maintain the circulation of blood all over the body which makes the weightlifters fresh and stress less. Due to proper flow air to pass and appropriate flow of blood in the body, weightlifters, lift the weight without any external or internal obstacle.


  • It is made up of Lycra and Nylon.
  • It has perfect length according to the size of each athlete.
  • Nice fitting.
  • Flat lock stitching.
  • Very soft and comfortable to wear.
  • It can be used for wrestling too.
  • Its plus point is, that it I comes in a large variety of colors.
  • Available colors are Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Maroon, Mustard, Navy Blue, Royal Blue.
  • It is available in all possible sizes.
  • Leg opening has elastic which can create a problem for some athletes as it can get tight from here.


Best weightlifting singlets

Just like ASIC men’s solid modified singlets, this singlet is also highly significant for weightlifting. ASICS is the best for powerlifting of the men and women. It is made up of fabric which contains 82% proportion of Nylon and 18% proportion of that of Spandex. Like all other ASIC products, it has elastic on leg opening which protects it from rolling up the legs. The most significant feature of this singlet which makes it unique from other companies is its quality of reversibility as indicated in the title too. Athletes can wear it from the opposite side too.

As we all well known of the fact that powerlifting singlets must be of nice fitting so that player feels relax in movement. It depends on weightlifting suit that with how much care it is made. After all, an improper outfit will cause damage to muscles and body too. ASICS prepares costumes for powerlifting under the precautions to compete for these flaws.

It is available in all sizes which have fantastic design cuts. It’s present in only red and blue colors.


Its price ranges from $39.99- $48.98 that is in limit of almost every customer.

  • The plus points are its reversibility.
  • Instead of buying two singlets, the weightlifter can spend the money by purchasing one reversible singlet.
  • It has subtle stitching along with ultra-fine satisfying touch.
  • The only drawback of this singlet is that some customers are not satisfied with its size.

It is great to know that reversible quality of weightlifting singlets are not only available in ASICS product but also in costumes of Adidas. Name of the product is:


It is as significant as all singlets of Adidas in its features which we have seen above in the article. Its price is $47- $55. Other details can be seen here in the link given as follows:



mens weightlifting singlet

Powerlifting is such a tough and stressed physical sport which causes the sweat, which in turn causes friction. So, to avoid the friction on the body and prevent scratches on skin, this soft suit for powerlifting is specially designed for weightlifters with the aim to provide comfort.

IPF_Legal is a name of the brand who make costumes for hectic routines. Their singlets are durable and have durability. These costumes are best for training powerlifting. These costumes also go up to Olympic competitions. As the singlet is made up of Lycra, Lycra has the capability to fix on the body of its wearer. Not only the weightlifting singlet which IPF_legal made show high-performance in the manner of their durability but also raise the performance of athlete because it gives them the sense of comfort and relaxation.

Generally, it is seen in many singlets of powerlifting that on the one hand, the athlete is on the full stress of weight he is lifting. On the other hand, the costume, he is wearing is not soft or contains any other flaw i.e. bad fitting. If the singlet is not made up of soft, flexible or stretchable material, it will cause friction in the body of athlete due to sweating. This condition is very severe and critical for weightlifters because it lies them under the stress which is the cause of their failure.

To get rid of this problem faced by athletes, IPF Legal put emphasis on the softness of the powerlifting costumes.

The design of the singlet:

Black is beauty or beauty is black. Inzer Powerlifting Singlet is a stunning costume comes only in black color. It has a black finish from inside and out too. On the bottom of the outside of the left leg, a very small logo of the IPF is patterned.


It has a very range seeking price which is $39.99.

  • It is a top of the listed costume of weightlifting of 2018.
  • It is made from Lycra.
  • It is very flexible in nature.
  • It is black from inner and outside.
  • It has the ability not to rise.
  • It enables the powerlifter to move freely.
  • It has a very nice fitting.
  • It comes only in black color.
  • Its black color is not helpful in summer because it will cause heat by absorbing the light in itself which will generate heat.
  • Costumes like this made of Lycra has Shortcoming that they rise up again and again while physical involvement i.e. weightlifting.


men's weightlifting singlet

Inzer Powerlifting Singlet is a name enough to see while buying something for athletes. These have best singlets for weightlifters who do physical activity. Singlets are made with great care which Involves the best use of fiber. These are manufactured in such a way that it keeps the singlet moisture from inside. After sweating, the humidity makes the air cool which turns the irritation of sweating into coolness.

These singlets are designed for competitions. Under high pressure or after a great workout, the fabric used in the costume helps the moisture to cool therefore creates a good impact in the hours of stress.


It has very satisfying price, just between $36.96 – $40.62.

  • Inzer powerlifting singlet is very comfortable to wear.
  • It is made up of complete fiber.
  • It is specifically designed for powerlifting. Competitions.
  • It is very flexible.
  • Its fabric is long-lasting that’s why it is superb for daily use for practice.
  • It is very common in wrestlers.
  • It is available in all possible sizes.
  • Along with excellent fitting, it is easily stretchable.
  • Moreover, it also has a logo design of company on it.
  • It is present in three colors.
  • It is complained by customers that the size of singlet is small and doesn’t fit.
  • Small patterns or logo seem nice but it has a large chest covering logo of company which is annoying for people.

Just like men, women’s powerlifting singlets are designed carefully with the aim to provide comfort. Here, we will discuss some best women wear costumes for powerlifting.


womens weightlifting singlet

Women’s ASICS solid modified singlets are at the top of the list due to their soft material and within range price. Like. Men’s ASICS solid modified singlet, these are also the favorite of women’s. It’s 2018 stock is present and is going to end soon so avail the opportunity as soon as possible.

It is designed for Wrestling, but then we can use it for both purposes i.e., wrestling and weightlifting. The Lycra used in its manufacturing gives it the quality of being able to stretch and make it flexible too. This characteristic of being stretchable helps the body to move smoothly and consistently. Along with all these characteristic, this fabric has many more qualities:

It allows the athlete to breathe fully.

It cools the player by the process of letting the sweat dry because the fiber used in the manufacturing of costume has the ability to cool down the inner side of the singlet. The use of fiber in the production of singlets with such care shows that these costumes are made with the aim to provide comfort to the athlete.

Moreover, the singlet has such smooth stitching that decreases the chances of rashes on the body by reducing the friction which causes irritation during the Weightlifting. The attention of weightlifter diverts from the Weightlifting which reduces the performance of the athlete. So, to avoid such drawbacks, more attention has been put on the smooth stitching of singlet.

Moreover, the reason for doing so is that women got smooth and soft skin as compared to men. Therefore, more attention is given to this aspect of costume.


Woooooow!!! A great chance for women to avail. Beside all the qualities mentioned above, its price is very low just $21.99 along with NO shipping price.

  • Like ASIC singlets for men, It is also timeworn style but most favorite of weightlifter women.
  • There is free shipping on this item.
  • In its production, 87% Nylon is used along with the 13% Lycra and Spandex.
  • Elastic is used at knees for best grabbing.
  • It is a women specific dress available in all sizes.
  • Whether your size is extra-large, large, medium, small, extra small, it is present in all sizes.

This costume of women has many qualities which enforce the buyer to buy it. However, they say that every product must have a shortcoming. May it’s the case with this product because:

  • Many customers have complained that the size they ordered was not according to them.
  • And sometimes the costume is very tight or sometimes very loose.


womens best weightlifting singlet

Though it is named Wrestling singlet, it is used not only for wrestling but also for powerlifting too. It is equally significant for both weightlifting and wrestling due to the nature of its fabric, stitching and all other characteristics. The fabric Lycra used in its manufacturing along with Nylon raises its quality high. It is one of the among top rated singlet of women. Women like it due to its soft nature. It also can keep the athlete cool by the process of drying the moisture due to sweating. The costume is designed flimsy and breezy which makes athlete relax and boosts up the performance level. It is available in all sizes along with many colors i.e. red, blue, and black.


Its price is $34.99 – $52.00 which is domain of almost all the people.

  • It has perfect length for everyone.
  • Delicate fitting.
  • Interlock stitching.
  • Perfect for FASHION MANIAS due to its design.
  • It makes its position on the body and muscles itself. Therefore, fit for everyone.
  • It has rubber on legs opening which grabs it tightly.
  • Women prefer a singlet with a shelf bra in its inside. This singlet of Adidas lack this quality.
  • Some customers complained about the shelf cuts of costume that are not according to the body of women.


weightlifting singlet womens

It’s a fundamental problem of all women athletes that they hardly feel satisfied and comfortable with sports singlets whether its swimming costume jumping, powerlifting singlet or wrestling. The cause of this is the unique shape of their body. Now you don’t have to be worried about outfit because singlets designed for women have unique features specifically for women. These singlets are outlined specifically for upper-level women athletes that are why these are mostly used in competitions. Lycra fabric is used in its composition. It has specially designed cuts according to the shape of women. Instead of strips on the shoulder, wider straps age present on the shoulder to cover the most area of the body.

An athletes’ relaxation and to enhance their confidence level which they lose due to apprehensiveness.


Its price is $29.95 – $47.95.

  • Cozy and congenial to wear.
  • Enhance morale level.
  • Available in all sizes, i.e., large, medium or small.
  • Available in numerous colors i.e. red, blue, black, navy blue, orange.
  • Keeps athlete feel cool by sweating off due to the fabric used.
  • The shelf bra is not stitched inside.
  • Customers have grumbled about the shortness of size.


women's weightlifting singlet

Brute Maverick Company is manufacturing costumes for both genders since many years. It has its name in making singlets for athletes from every field of sports. It prepares costumes for Olympic competitions too. Singlets made by them have a specific uniqueness that is found in the manufacturing material of singlets. Like all other manufacturing companies, they also use Lycra, but the main thing is the use of EVAPTECH along with Lyon. Evaptech has the quality to keep cool the fabric by absorbing the moisture. Due to sweating, athletes feel irritated which enable them to lose the performance in the game. It keeps the athlete cool by absorbing the moisture due to sweating.

It is a vital aspect of a singlet while doing any physical activity that is must be according to the shape of your body. Otherwise, it will lose the shape of your body. It’s a more important aspect of building muscles activity. For example, weightlifting. If weightlifter does not put the focus on this issue, muscles will not grow properly. Brute Maverick put emphasis on this aspect too.

These also goes up to Olympic competitions. Due to their long durability, these are used throughout the world for powerlifting competitions.Wearing such weightlifting Singlets help you to enhance your performance in the competitions of powerlifting.


Its price is $25.98 – $59.95 as per size.

  • The most important PLUS POINT of Brute Maverick singlet is that it is equally significant both men and women.
  • Elastic used in leg openings prevent them from rolling up.
  • It is present in multi colors.
  • It keeps the athlete cool.
  • Material is very comfortable and soft.
  • It is available in all sizes.
  • It has long durability.
  • The rubber used at knees grab it tightly.
  • Wash Before Use. It is complained by customers that fresh piece was itchy. So must wash it before use.
  • Sometimes its size from the chest is not same for everyone. For bulk users, it can be tight from the front.


weightlifting singlets

If you didn’t like any singlet mentioned above for powerlifting then no need to worry, here comes a Powerlifting Singlet in another form. It is a costume with a new and different fantastic look. Let’s take a look at its features:


Its price is $70.

  • Titan Triumph powerlifting suit is designed with the goal to provide the player’s comfort and relaxation.
  • It is made up of high quality, heavy weight Nylon, fabric, and Lycra.
  • It provides large body covering as compared to other costumes.
  • Sides and front of the singlet have a power cut.
  • It is especially for powerlifting.
  • It boosts the athletes due to its proper fitting.
  • It is a very supportive suit and best for deadlifts.
  • Beside all the above-mentioned qualities of Titan Triumph powerlifting suit, it is a bit expensive. Its price is not in range of everyone..

You have given a look at all the best weightlifting singlets that you can buy to fulfill your passion of Weightlifting. All these are mentioned in detail in the above article. The essentials which are necessary to know before buying a product are also given along with the Weightlifting products:
These are:

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Price
  • Manufacturing of singlet
  • Top rated reviews are given in the link.
  • Best for what? Competitions, training, practice tests or Olympic games.
  • Link of is given at the end of every product so that which product you prefer, order online instantly.

singlets rules and buying guide

Final Words

So, to conclude, in the end, we can say that you have read the all the above products along with their specifications and drawbacks. Our service was till here to give you a detailed look at the products along with pros and cons. Now it’s your turn to make a judgemental view of your decision that you have made after reading the above review of products. From the above products, you can choose what you like or prefer but be sure to select the product according to your body and muscles size along with keeping in mind the quality of the product.